“We’ve learned a lot over the years about hiring, developing and managing creative people around the world. We also believe in how the company culture, environment and the quality of ideas are intertwined”

What makes organizations more creatively competitive? In today’s fast-changing world, helping leaders and companies evolve and grow through human-centered design.

The services we offer

We create winning results through design thinking.

Consumer Research

Product strategy

Product Innovation


Design Integration Services

Concept generation



Innovation Process

How we develop business innovation strategy and create game-changing products

All design thinking activities are handled by a cohesive team, consisting of experienced, multidisciplinary specialists.

Deep consumer understanding is the backdrop.

We believe the most innovative designs result from deep consumer research understanding. 

We adopt time-tested design processes, such as the Double Diamond and the Stanford model, modified to suit the emerging business context. We incorporate the 101 Design Methods by our methodology advisor Prof Vijay Kumar of Institute of Design at IIT Chicago while deciding on the element of our consumer research plan.

The Double Diamond Process

We use the double diamond process for delivering the design solutions going through its phases:


The core team engages in an elaborate process to uncover and discover opportunities lurking in the business context even before starting the consumer research work. 

This includes extensive exploration into the lifestyle and technological trends surrounding the target business core.

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